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Friends - an online interactive live quiz

An interactive online Friends quiz.

Wizardry, a Harry Potter live online interactive quiz

An interactive online Harry Potter quiz.

Disney - A Live Interactive Online Quiz

An interactive online Disney quiz.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Live Interactive Online Quiz

An interactive online Brooklyn 99 quiz.

Gavin and Stacey Interactive Live Online Quiz

An interactive online Gavin & Stacey quiz.

Lord of The Rings Live Interactive Online Quiz

An interactive online Lord of the Rings quiz.

How do these online quizzes work?

Our Spectacular Quarantine Quizzes are hosted on Zoom. If you’ve got a ticket, we’ll send you the Zoom link and your unique password on the day of the quiz. You don’t need to have your video on if you don’t want to, but it’ll help with the games.

There will be six rounds of themed questions and some interactive challenges. You can play alone and meet other fans on the day, or you can play as a team by getting together on another video call.

There’s no forms to submit your answers – we’re leaving that bit down to you. Nominate a member of your team to write down your answers and mark. Fancy dress encouraged at all times.

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Awesome interactive online quizzes for fans, families & companies

Want us to run you a bespoke online quiz?

Whether to bring your team together after a long week of working from home, or to gather clients together to keep the relationships warm, a spectacular hosted quiz is a fantastic way to do it. Laughter and a bit of silliness go a long way.

We can do themed quizzes, or general knowledge. We can throw in company specific rounds and private jokes (with your assistance). It’s a bespoke service – we’ll make it work for you.

Online Quiz for Companies
Airbnb Company Online Quiz - Spectacular Quarantine Quizzes
Online Quiz for Companies
Mintel Live Online Team Quiz - Spectacular Quarantine Quizzes
WME Online Company Quiz - Spectacular Quarantine Quizzes

Hi, I’m Beth. Get in touch if you’ve got any questions about our online quizzes.

spectacularquiz (at)

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Actual Physical Pub Quizzes

We’re known for our incredible immersive pub quizzes, and will be bringing them back the first chance we get. Pop your details in and we’ll keep you informed about what’s coming back when.

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In a wonderful little twist which adds a jolly cherry to the top of the already awesome tasting pie, all profits from our events go the incredible – busy discovering better ways of keeping kids alive and healthy.

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